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Generali Belgium

Generali Belgium

Message from us :

At Generali, the values we share: Deliver on your promises, Value your people, Live the community, Be open. You are part of a dynamic company that is building a success story for its clients & employees. By providing security for our clients, we allow them to take risks, to start up new businesses, to protect they assets and savings ... Then if something goes wrong, our clients can count on us to step in and manage the situation very quickly. We really take care of our clients and that is something we are proud of!

If you want to work for us, you need to be open minded and curious as well as ambitious. Last but not least, your passion for your work and your commitment to the goals that Generali wants to achieve as a team will be key.

Dorsan van Hecke, CEO

Our history

1901: "Assurances Générales De Trieste" was launched on 26th of April. The initial goal was to focus on Life products. Very quickly, the product line was extended to "Fire" & "Reassurance" business thanks to the international experience of the Generali Group.

1936: The company moved to the building on the rue Ravenstein in Brussels. A building which is still owned by Generali today.

1964-1966: Construction of Generali Tower. In 1966, the headquarters moved to the Tower.

1976: Generali Belgium was created. The result of the merger of "Assurances Générales de Trieste" with "Concorde-Minerve".

1993: Generali Belgium merged with De "Verenigde Meesters/Patrons Réunis" and "de Unie der Assuradeuren/l'Union des Assureurs". As a result, the company reinforced its Non-Life business.

1997: The company took over all the Belgian activities of the Dutch subsidiary "De Nederlanden van 1870/Les Pays-Bas 1870".

2001: Generali celebrated 100 years in Belgium.

2009: Generali Belgium won the Trophy of Trophy in recognition of all the prizes it has won since the Decavi Trophy was created in 2000.

2016: Generali Belgium became a major actor in Life Business with its products in branch 23.

2018: Generali Belgium is acquired by Athora and continues to innovate with the launch of Quick Quote (an application, which is the first one in Europa, that allows the broker to deliver an offer for a car insurance policy in 60 seconds, based on the vehicle to be insured).

2019: Since 2 Januari, Generali Belgium is part of the Athora Group. The company name will change in the coming months and the brand will become Athora. More information available on Generali Belgium website (, cf. "who we are") or on the Athora Group website (

Why our clients are satisfied

We have a strong image on the market because we dare to make clear choices, deliver on our promises and innovate in terms of products and services.
While benefiting from the Athora Group (a growing player in the European insurance and reinsurance market), we have a strong local presence focusing on the Belgian market.

The company gave me a warm welcome from the very first day. During my first weeks, I got the opportunity to meet lots of colleagues and learned a great deal about the company's jobs, processes, products and clients. I am still in a learning phase in my job. It is going very well thanks to coaching and on-the-job training from my colleagues. I really have the feeling that people in this company are recognized and valued. Management is attentive to the well-being of employees. This really energized me!

Stefanie Margerin, New Joiner

"Prices are OK"
"Quality, efficiency & speed in services"
"Simplicity in the management of my file"
"Clear & precise answer to my requests"
"Nice people over the phone"

Feedback from our clients, Retail

After 3 years in the Contact Center, I had a generic knowledge of the company's products and processes. But I was looking for more in-depth knowledge and responsibilities. When a position became available in the underwriting & administration Non-Life retail department, I quickly decided to apply. I went through the internal mobility process and got the job. Internal mobility is a reality at Generali!

Amira Haddouche, Non Life Retail Officer

"Top Claims Experts"
"Top in class products"
"Pleasant collaboration with long-term view"
"Nice & helpful people over the phone"
"Professional follow up of files"
"I felt listened to and got a solution to my issue"

Feedback from brokers, B2B

I am a member of the Compliance Team. Part of my job is to prevent money laundering in activities linked to Generali. As a keen sportsman, I feel in my element at Generali. The job brings a lot challenges, I see people coming to work by bicycle as I do (25 km one way) and my company is a great sponsor of many sports events (e.g. The Knokke Triathlon)

Nicolas Gerard, Compliance Expert

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